Upgrading Weapons in Greedy Ghouls

They are greedy, scary…but quite cute at the same time so it’s quite the tragedy that in greedy ghouls you have to kill your fellow creatures or ghosts if you like. Well we though seen as how you have to do so we may as well give you a few tips regarding the weapons available in which to do so!

Your character has a set weapons line up for upgrades and each new weapon requires that the previous tier be purchased. This means that you will have to go through all of the guns in order to get far in this game. It may feel a little unfair since you are forced to play through every single weapon until you have enough money for the next upgrade but as we said, this game is all about skill, this means that in order to get through Greedy Ghouls, you will need to be both proficient with jump-firing with the shotgun as you are comfortable doing ballistic trajectories with a grenade launcher. Flexibility is the key here, as well as plenty of practice. We do have a few notes about certain weapons that new players ought to keep in mind.

The Shotgun – is not the most useful weapon in the game, but if you prefer to have something with a bit of spread damage, then this is a good weapon to stick with. It is available right after the first automatic rifle you get, so it does not cost much. Also, the firepower on the shotgun is pretty impressive. However, the best part of this gun is not how much damage it makes, what really makes a shotgun special is the way the shot spreads out.

In Greedy Ghouls, the shotgun fires a small spread of four bullets across a small angle. If shot the right way, you could actually hit and kill several enemies with a single shot. This weapon is also useful against rows of enemies as the rest of the bullets will keep moving even if one already hits the targets. The only problem is that the shot is not all that good at hitting a lone target from a long distance. Since the shots spread at an angle, it takes more than just a direct line of sight. The best thing to do is to keep firing the shotgun at all directions in order to provide cover fire against all enemies.

The Grenade Launcher – this is one weapon with a large splash damage, high attack power and a really bad aiming system. Grenade launcher shots move at an arc affected by gravity. This means that you will not be making any straight angle shots with this gun unless you are firing straight down. The good thing is, thanks to the massive explosions that the grenades make, getting a bull’s eye is not your priority.

Against ground based enemies, this gun is incredibly effective as it will explode upon contact with the floor effectively taking out any enemies that are near it. Against flying opponents, using this gun is a bit more difficult. You could just fire a few shots straight up and have the shells arc back down, but that is more of a wild shot (though it likely hits a target somewhere). The key is to get your character close enough to explode a shell right on them –this is easier when dealing with groups of fliers as opposed to just having to fight one.

Assault Rifles (and other fast firing guns) – these are the the most basic type of guns you will encounter in the game. They basically work a lot like the pistol, except that they fire plenty of shots in succession. The good thing here is that the shots are very accurate, but at the same time, a single bullet is not going to do much damage. Try to concentrate your fire on targets, and try aiming at locations ahead of time (as they would say, learn to lead the shot) in order to ensure that you get in as much damage as possible.

Buying new weapons is easy –just press the spacebar button when the prompt is available (it appears on top of your character’s head). The selection is fixed so you will have to follow the order of weapons as they are made available in the game. The same goes for the cost as well. If you want to know how much money you need for the next weapon upgrade, just look at the top status bar and you will see the next weapon upgrade cost on the center (to the right of your health bar). Buying weapons can get pretty expensive fast, so try to balance out budget with your guns and also, your turrets.

How to Use Turrets

Turrets are a crucial part of the game, in fact, one can say that you will not manage to survive many of the tougher days unless you have at least a few turrets helping you out. Turrets are mounted on the stage itself and will stay there until you die and restart –in which case, you will have to buy turrets all over again.

There are two basic kinds of turrets: freezing turrets and attack turrets. Freezing turrets will fire bullets that will slow down enemies, attack turrets will fire lethal bullets that will actually kill targets. While it may seem that the attack turret is more useful, it is also more expensive, which makes using the freezing turret an important strategy. When the game starts out, the attack turrets cost 1000 and the slowing turrets are worth 200, but once you buy the first of any kind, that specific type’s cost will increase. This means that the next freezing turret will cost 1000, while the next attack turret will cost 5000. There is no way to reverse or slow down the increase of turret cost. It is expensive and takes a lot of resources, so be sure to place them properly.

Speaking of placement, it is important to note that there are two targeting options for turrets: you can target enemies on the ground or you can specialize in anti air. Basically, you choose a combination of air/ground, freeze/fire.  Having as many turrets as you money can afford certainly helps a whole lot once the larger ghouls start appearing and attacking you.

Since turrets are automated, you cannot control their aiming abilities, this means that they will concentrate fire on any target they want –and that is not necessarily the target that is closest to them. This means that it is not a viable strategy to move all your turrets to one side of the stage so that you may concentrate fire on another –this will not make the turrets hold off one side. Turrets have a tendency of aiming for whatever target they feel like shooting, so just try to spread them evenly across the stage.

There is however, one slight argument that makes moving all turrets to one area a bit sensible: and it is the fact that later in the game, the screen gets really, really busy. Having all your turrets on concentrated on a side of the stage will keep the other area less cluttered, allowing you the space you need to dodge the enemies and attacks that start to come in.