Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 has arrived at last so us zombie fans can rest easy in the knowledge that the wait is over. This edition is no let down either as it incorporates everything we have come to expect from Resident Evil and more. There is an abundance of blood curdling zombie fun that even the most ardent of fans will find frightening but this is what we want from a zombie barrage so there is no disappointment here.

Taking on the role of Special Agent Leon Kennedy you will face a huge onslaught of the undead from the very start of this shoot, shoot and shoot again epic who are mainly villagers who have been transformed. The story this time around is different from the previous episodes as Leon is sent to Spain to try to rescue the president’s daughter. Ashley has unfortunately been kidnapped by enemies of the state so Leon has a hard task rescuing her as he has to battle zombies in every location to find her.

Leon gets captured and is injected with a mind controlling drug but soon escapes finding Ashley who has also been injected. It will take intervention by the character Sera who tries to find pills that will slow down the infection in Ashley and Leon but he unfortunately is killed after passing the pills along. The pair end up separated while Leon learns that Ashley has been taken to an island so follows to rescue her. The rest of the story you will discover as you play so I will leave it at that so not to spoil things too much for you.

You play the game by looking over the shoulder of the character in third person mode. You shoot with the aid of a laser sight this edition which is so useful. You can aim for any part of the monster such as the feet or arms. If you hit their feet they will stumble so falling and so on. The controls are great making it possible for you to jump through windows, kick down ladders, dodge items aimed at you, while pressing a button allows you to wrestle enemies in a hand to hand way.

There is plenty of ammunition and weapons available to you in Resident Evil 4 while a great quirk is the fact that throughout the game you will come across a character who will sell you weapons or first aid sprays while also buying things from you that Leon has picked up along the way. There are loads of twists and turns in the story making it really exciting as well as being quite a challenge. This is very apparent when you come to the boss fights.

Resident Evil 4 like all the other editions is not suitable for children as it's a very horrific and one of the top creepy zombie games. Teens of a certain maturity will be okay but you need to be aware that this game is very blood thirsty requiring the player to shoot, splice with knives or burn up zombies. With plenty of new characters and locations boredom definitely isn’t a factor while there are hours of play time to satisfy experienced fans. With fantastic graphics plus superb soundtrack I rate this game 9/10.

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