Resident Evil 2

What a superb game this is! Resident Evil 2 is a must have game for all zombie fans old or new. It has a fantastic story along with hours of game play fun as you battle against masses of blood thirsty zombies who are out to kill you. The town is infested with monsters due to a virus outbreak and your job is to help survivors while destroying as many zombies as you can to move along.

You have a choice of characters to play the first being Leon Kennedy who is a police man just starting out on his career or Clare Redfield who is looking for her brother who has disappeared in Raccoon City where the outbreak occurred. The man that developed the zombie virus has caught wind of the fact that his plans have been discovered so he swallows the virus to stop anyone spoiling his evil plans.

You have plenty of enemies to deal with including the Tyrant who will appear when you least expect causing allsorts of problems. There are a whole host of weapons for you to select from but for me shooting away watching the zombies blowing up in front of my eyes is the best. Weaponry includes handguns, shotguns, machine guns, rocket launchers, flame throwers and a sub machine gun. Sometimes it is one on one while at others there are a whole crowd of monsters coming down upon you. You have puzzles to solve, tasks to perform, doors to unlock as well as new weapons to find making Resident Evil 2 a great challenge.

There are loads of new characters that you will meet along the way some good some evil so it is your aim to recognise one from the other. The fighting you will engage in is great while it requires strategy as well as muscle power. The best of all is the Boss fight at the end of the game that has two different endings depending on which scenario you find yourself in. The first involves a fight against Birkin one of the evil characters. When he is defeated you escape through the subway as the place explodes behind you. The second scenario will see you looking for Chris Redfield. It’s fantastic fun!

The ranking system is great as it makes you feel very competitive wanting to get the best score you can in the game. Your score and ranking will be decided by how quickly you completed the game, how many times you used the first aid spray plus how many times you saved your progress. The higher the ranking you get the better it is for you as you will unlock special weapons as a bonus. There are also unlockable mini games that are a nice diversion from the main game play.

A survival horror game always brings out the best in me and somehow the satisfaction of blowing the head off an evil mutant is very rewarding. Of course Resident Evil 2 is a violent story so is not suitable for children as it is filled with scenes of blood oozing from the undead while killing is the aim of the game.