Plants Vs Zombies Walkthrough Guide and Tips

Plants Vs Zombies is an involved game with many important elements. I will endeavour to explain to players what is involved, who is involved plus how is the best way to get through the game. It isn’t just a case of level 1 do this do that, its more complex than that. So read on to get helpful, hints, tips, strategies plus all the information you need regarding these funny plants and zombies themselves. Any that are not listed players will find further information in the menu available in the game.

The Plants, Strengths and Weaknesses

Peashooter, A necessary member of the team in the early stages in terms of defence but is the most basic of the plants in your team.

Sunflower, Players must plant Sunflowers as they are paramount in terms of bringing sunshine into the garden which is needed for them to survive.

Cherry Bomb, Superb for blowing up the zombies when you plant in rows of three.

Wall-Nut, Great for holding the enemy off while the other plants kill them in turn.

Potato Mine, Use in areas where you don’t have a Wall-Nut. Good for eliminating Pole Vaulter Zombies.

Snow Pea, Great for freezing zombies so they move slowly and eat slower too. They are also useful for holding back the hordes while other plants deal with them one by one.

Chompers, Great allies to Wall-Nuts and Tall-Nuts as they swallow enemies in one huge chomp!

Repeaters, Don’t take up much space, do twice as much damage as a Peashooter but cost twice as much. I recommend using this plant.

Puff-Shroom, these guys are totally free, can be used at night plus will take out the enemy one at a time.

Sun-Shroom, These start out very small giving only 15 sun but will eventually grow to give 25 sun. They are only half the cost of a Sunflower.

Fume-Shroom, Go right through the screen door zombies with these, suitable for early night levels.

Grave-Buster, Good for night levels as they eat the graves.

Hypno-Shroom, Transform zombies into ones that will work for you as opposed to eating you, Work well against Football zombies.

Scaredy-Shroom, Not very useful as they hide when zombies get near.

Ice-Shroom, Great for freezing zombie enemies.

Doom-Shroom, will explode taking up to twenty five zombies with it. No plants can grow in the hole left behind.

Squashes, Great defenders, squash zombies right and left along with any nearby.

Three-Peaters, look after large areas with each pea creating a lot of damage.

Spike-Weed, Good when working in combos with others. Zombies who walk over a Spike-Weed will lose half their health.

Torch-Wood, Clear away fog plus doubles strength of peas shot through them.

Planterns, Light up foggy areas, will clear three lanes of fog if not eaten beforehand.

Split-Peas, deal well with Digging zombies.

Pumpkins, guard other plants from attack when covering them.

Garlic, strategically placed they will protect lanes leaving only two to protect.

Marigolds, Only useful as an attack plant although they do leave coins for you on all levels.

Cattails, live on lily pads, attack any lane, great for destroying balloon zombies.

Imitator, means you can plant two lots at a time in one spot.

Cobcannons, Biggest impact but most expensive, plant these behind two kernel pults, recharging takes 25 seconds so watch this.

The Zombies, Strengths and Weaknesses

Pole -Vaulting -Zombie, As you would imagine he vaults over the first plant he comes across so you will need to be prepared with other plants that can back you up.

Football Zombies, Fast, can absorb damage well, up to five times as much, revert back to undead, similar to Buckethead Zombies.

Screen-Door-Zombies, screen gives them great protection, can be destroyed if you use a Magnet-Shroom to get the door or a Fume-Shroom (that you need to plant as soon as you spot a Screen Door Zombie) to shoot at it.

Dancing Zombie, sends for back up so deal with him fast using a Squash or Cherry Bomb.

Snorkel Zombies, Do underwater swimming, Use a Tangle Kelp to eliminate them.

Zombonies, Crushes plants leaving an ice trail in his wake, this lets in the Zombie Sled Team and The Zombie Yeti, Destroy fast with a Jalapeno which will also melt the ice he has left.

Digger Zombies, these will dig through your garden until they reach the far end only to eat your plants as they make their way back. Magnet-Shrooms will destroy them underground or you can plant Split-Peas to guard your territory.

Pogo-Zombies, can only be stopped by Magnet-Shrooms as they leap over every other plant.

Gargantuar, is big and strong, hard to destroy except with a Cherry Bomb or a Jalapeno.

Bungee Zombies, Drop from above steal plants or drop other zombies on top of you.

Doctor Zombos, The zombie leader, Ice-Shrooms will freeze him, he throws ice balls and fire balls, Ice-Shrooms and Jalapenos are effective against him.

Adventure Mode Levels (5)

Daytime Level, Quite easy to complete. Building Peashooters in the lanes should see you okay. When you have unlocked the Wall-Nuts or Repeaters then build them as a defence.

Night Level, Make good use of Puff-Shrooms as you have no free sun to rely on. Buying sun giving plants is essential for your progress later.

Pool Level, Leave the pool lanes free as the zombies will not venture into them to start with. Place a Peashooter and a Repeater in the lanes for later. This will prepare you for the first attack of the zombies. Wall-Nuts and Tall-Nuts are great for defences when placed on Lily Pads. In the eventuality that Zambonies attack plant Spikeweeds on the right hand side of the lawn area.

Fog Level, This level is harder as it is difficult to see but you can still plant. Building a lantern will help you see but if your defences are adequate from previous levels it should not pose too much of problem.

Roof Level, Build Peashooters and Repeaters on the first column on the roof slope, this is the only place they will be of any assistance. Plant Cabbage-Pults and Kernel-Pults for added defence.


Vase Puzzle, begin with the planted vases, then go to the back completing one lane after the other, plant a minimum of one offensive plant per lane, Squash will be required later on if Gargantuars appear.

Zombie Puzzle, Aim your zombies at the Sunflowers, when more sun appears combine stronger zombies together with weak ones to eat more brains!

Survival Mode

You need to use a little strategy to complete this mode. Don’t buy all the expensive plants at the beginning as you will need to build them up later on. You will need the expensive ones later to guard your brains. Begin as you did in the adventure levels then upgrade your plants as things get tighter.

Dave’s Shop

Slot Upgrades, enables you to take plants into future rounds when you buy slot upgrades.

Roof Cleaners, Buy these as your final defence strategy on the roof.

Garden Rake, Kills the first zombie who stands on it on every level so useful. Begins in varying lanes at the start.

Pool Cleaners, To be used in the Pool Lanes, similar to Lawnmowers in operation.

Wall-Nut-First-Aid, Instead of having to wait for Wall-Nuts, Pumpkins or Tall-Nuts to die or to dig them up you can replace them whenever by using this particular upgrade.

Easter Eggs, Codes to Type that Enable or Disable Cheats

Dance, Makes zombies dance

Future, zombies come in great futuristic colours

Moustache, give our zombies the moustachioed look

Sukhbir, sets off the Zombie call

Pinata, When they die Zombies will activate a shower of sweets. This only happens if the tree of wisdom is 1,000 feet high.

Mini Games

Zombotany, Zombie heads become Peashooters, you need the Wall-Nuts and Tall-Nuts to succeed in this game.

Wall-Nut-Bowling, combing groups of Wall-Nuts such as ordinary with explosive ones you will take out groups easier or you can even bounce off the zombies with them.

Slot-Machine, this is unpredictable so set up your line of defence with whatever means the slot-machine gives you.

Its Raining Seeds, Another unpredictable one that is also in the fog, create your defence with whatever gets rained down.

Seeing Stars, Build a star fruit defence from the middle outwards, also place a Tall-Nut in the direction you will shoot, cherry bombs are handy too if you feel the hordes are descending too quickly.

Zombiquarium, You require a thousand suns to complete this level. Feed the snorkelling zombies to gain the suns but not too quickly, choose a nice easy pace. Patience and strategy are the main elements of this one.

Beghouled Twist, Twist your plants to make seventy five match threes but also defend your garden. Earning suns will enable you to upgrade.

Big Trouble Little Zombies, Plants appear via a conveyor belt, these include Peashooters, Cherry Bombs, Lily Pads and Wall-Nuts. Plant the Peashooters in all rows while using the Cherry Bomb to destroy groups of zombies. Even small zombies will be difficult to eliminate.

Portal Combat, This one is hard as the Portals move around. Place a cactus in every lane and use Wall-Nuts too. Even a Cherry Bomb is useful should you have problems.

Column Like You See Em, This level sees you on the roof placing things in pots from the conveyor belt. Place Tall-Nuts in front, Magnet-Shrooms behind them, with Pults at the rear. If your Tall-Nuts bite the dust then use a Jalapeno.

Bobsled Bonanza, Your enemies on this level are Bobsleds and Zombonies. Select both types of Peashooters, Torchwoods and Jalapenos, that will melt the ice plus Spikeweed to burst Zombonies tyres.

Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick, Things move fast and furious on this level in both camps so it is a matter of being quick, keeping up and watching what you are doing to win.

Whack a Zombie, Crack the zombies on the head with your hammer as they appear out of the ground. If a zombie drops some sun use it to buy Grave Busters, that it simple!

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