Plants Vs Zombies Walkthrough Guide and Tips

Plants Vs Zombies is an involved game with many important elements. I will endeavour to explain to players what is involved, who is involved plus how is the best way to get through the game. It isn’t just a case of level 1 do this do that, its more complex than that. So read on to get helpful, hints, tips, strategies plus all the information you need regarding these funny plants and zombies themselves. Any that are not listed players will find further information in the menu available in the game.

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Upgrading Weapons in Greedy Ghouls

They are greedy, scary…but quite cute at the same time so it’s quite the tragedy that in greedy ghouls you have to kill your fellow creatures or ghosts if you like. Well we though seen as how you have to do so we may as well give you a few tips regarding the weapons available in which to do so!

Your character has a set weapons line up for upgrades and each new weapon requires that the previous tier be purchased. This means that you will have to go through all of the guns in order to get far in this game. It may feel a little unfair since you are forced to play through every single weapon until you have enough money for the next upgrade but as we said, this game is all about skill, this means that in order to get through Greedy Ghouls, you will need to be both proficient with jump-firing with the shotgun as you are comfortable doing ballistic trajectories with a grenade launcher. Flexibility is the key here, as well as plenty of practice. We do have a few notes about certain weapons that new players ought to keep in mind.

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Dude & Zombies: The End Game

What it all boils down into is what you final goal truly is. Do you simply wish to finish the game? Do you want to collect all the trophies? Do you intend to get a really high rank in the leader boards? Those going for a quick run will focus on earning cash, buying the best guns they can get and of course, speeding up the repair skill. This means finishing the game pretty early (around the 20th wave or even earlier) by focusing on repairing every free moment you can get –even in the middle of combat.

Going for all trophies will require you to save up enough cash to buy all the guns, deal out plenty of mine-kills and use the flamethrower to kill a set amount of targets. Not all that bad, considering that the most you will have to do is to hold off on fully repairing the car until you have gotten all the other achievements short of winning the game.

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Dude & Zombies: Upgrading Passive Skills

Every time Dude levels up, he gains two skill points to be used for leveling up. Each skill has three levels (the first level requires 1 skill point to learn, the second uses two and the third uses three) –if you concentrate on maxing out a single skill at a time, then you will max it out within three levels.

Our biggest recommendations are Experience up and Money up. These two will make your progress a lot easier–you earn skills and make money faster this way. Get the exp bonus first then go for the money. This will help you earn other skills and buy those powerful guns as early as possible.

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Dude & Zombies: Repairs

When you are not doing anything else, you focus should be on repairing your car. The car start off with full armor and 00.00% repair status. Every millisecond you spend repairing the car increases the repair status –at 100% the car is ready to go. Now, each time an enemy attacks the car, the armor takes damage –repairing an armor damaged car takes a few seconds away as Dude will first bring the armor status back to full prior to resuming work on the repair statues. Lastly, at certain points in the process, you will be prompted to grab several items from the stage (such as the car door and the tires). Once you reach this point, you must walk over to the needed part, lift it up and bring it back to the car. Dude will move slower when bringing a part and you will not be able to jump or fire your gun. So if a wave comes in while you are bringing a part, simply press the repair button to put down the part –you can come back for it once the coast is clear.

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Dude & Zombies: Combat – Offense and Defense

The car in the center of the map is not just there to be repaired; you can take advantage of the car’s armor to use as a defensive fort. When on top of the car, only fliers can hurt you (allowing you time to regenerate HP), but all the other enemies will start attacking the car instead. Of course, you will have to fix any damage that the car takes aside from the usual repairs.

Choosing a weapon is a matter of deciding which one works for your playstyle. In general, a good weapon progression would be to get the uzi, then one of the automatic rifles and then end with the minigun. If you are after the achievements, they you will want to get the flamethrower before the minigun –we still recommend skipping over the other guns, you can buy those later on.

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How To Fix Your Car in a Zombie Outbreak: A Guide to Dude & Zombies

dude vs zombies guide

Your car is a valuable asset and tool in a world overrun by zombies. Regardless of the cuase of this apocalyptic scenario –be it a biohazard agent developed by some war-mongering multinational company or an ancient curse that magically reanimates the dead, zombies are a constant menace and a threat to all living things. And having a massive chunk of metal on wheels is one of the best ways to get away from them. So when you are stuck in a forest surrounded by the undead, the first thing you would most certainly want to have is a functional car.

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