More Action to Come in Rune Raiders 2?

rune raiders

Not much about runes, but plenty about raiding, it’s Rune Raiders 2! Well, at least, we are hoping that there would be a sequel. The first was fun and enjoyable to play, though it did have its downsides. Hopefully the developers would take note of some of the parts where they could have done a bit better so that the next game would be more fun to play. Rune Raiders places you in control of a small team of heroes as you go off and slay monsters and other vile creatures in order to fulfill some command or other from a king who keeps leaving missives in the middle of a field map.

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Nuclear Outrun

nuclear outrun

You would think that it would be difficult to make light entertainment out of something as serious as a nuclear holocaust, but many high-grossing movies of widespread critical acclaim would beg to differ. Terminator 2 managed it perfectly, Dr. Strangelove took an eccentrically comedic stance on the subject, and TV series Jericho even had a go as well. While many flash games may have also attempted to crack the nuclear holocaust market, there aren’t as many notable titles to list here. However, thanks to the sublime, distance-based action game Nuclear Outrun, the term “going nuclear” now has a slightly different meaning for me and perhaps all those who play. Nuclear Outrun takes the despair and desperation of an imminent nuclear attack and makes an incredibly addictive action-driving game out of the whole situation. If you’re prone to stress when presented with some moderate to extreme tension, you may find it difficult to make it through this game, but if you think with confidence that you can out-drive a nuclear missile then feel free to continue to one of the best distance-based games on the World Wide Web.

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Infecting the World: Pandemic 2

pandemic ii review

It has been a while since we have found a good scenario simulation game, and in Pandemic 2, players are treated to wonderfully made mechanics that provide an interesting simulation of how the world would react to a massive sickness. Do note that this is not a simple zombie-virus infestation game, in fact, it does not necessarily have to be a zombie outbreak at all. In Pandemic, you get to chose what kind of sickness you are spreading (virus, bacteria, parasite) and more importantly, you get to choose the symptoms as well. So if you want the infected to appear perfectly fine and suddenly be attacked by liver failure, then so be it –the game allows you to tweak almost every aspect of the disease.

Not For Everyone

If you have played Uplink: Hackers Elite, Football Manager and similar other titles, then by now, you would be familiar with games that run mostly from menus. You get to read real-time stats getting updated and make game-critical actions –all of which done behind a massive user interface. This means that younger players will be turned off by the game’s stats-based gameplay. Those who appreciate the what-if scenario however, will find themselves enjoying the slow but certain progression of the sickness and they can either react actively to the world’s attempts at holding off and stopping the disease, or players can be active, continuously evolving the disease to make it spread further and kill faster.

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